Alolkai California researches, tests and reviews all tech used in our programs. The ocean demands well engineered products for us to trust in our sport to unlock our potential. 




Slyde Handboards is a bodysurfing and water sports company. It was co-founded in 2010 by Steve Watts and Russell Ellers, and they were later joined by Angela Watts. Slyde secured a round of funding on the seventh season of Shark Tank from Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban, who invested $200,000 in exchange for 22% equity of the company.


Alolkai California has been using this type of hand boarding in our instruction to help students breakdown the science of surf. Slyde has a durable construction for both the Grom (foam) and carbon series. Many of our students purchase these boards to aid their personal time in the ocean.

As for me, I have discovered the intimate feeling of screaming down a wave as you look down to the beach. I feel precise control with the "Wedge" carbon series which has increased my endurance swimming, power and timing.

Christopher Kowall

CEO Alolkai California

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We have discovered many different types of sustainable, innovative technology around the globe. These products are part the foundation of our company which brings this unique experience to our students. Their experience is changed from everyday to "the next level". We are based out of Malibu, California and we see this as the next intelligent evolution to water sports, rescue, science, charity and environmental awareness.