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"Before surfing, paddle boarding, boogie boarding, or any water sport is the ocean itself. Our approach is simple. Start with the water. Reading and responding is key to any ocean activity. Most important is keeping your mind calm."

This is what we'll do.. again and again


  • ( Basics ) teaches you the foundation of understanding the ocean waves, entering and exiting safely. Learn and identify rip currents, swell direction, wave height and the behavior of the ocean. 


        Recommended for beginners, ocean phobias, refreshers


  • ( Wave Training ) coaches you into and through the wave while sustaining breathing and a calm mental approach. 


       Recommended for athletes, triathlon training, all ocean sports, personal achievement


  • ( Hand & Body Surfing ) coaches you how to "hunt" and ride waves with your body, then with a hand board as many waves as you can get...

       Recommended as an alternate to surfing and cardio workout

  • ( Surf Beginnings ) teaches you how to learn with a foam top longboard. Understand the basics of board safety, balance and techniques

  • ( Paddleboard Beginnings ) teaches you how to learn with a foam paddleboard. Understand the basics of board safety, balance and techniques.


Best to wear a bathing suit under the wetsuit (provided)

This program has been developed by utilizing first responder foundations of safety and training. As we enter the ocean, your focus will be on me. I am the guide that will help you unlock your potential. We proceed at your pace and you will learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable... This along with positive reinforcement will help create a new way of looking at life itself.

Sessions held at Zuma Beach or County-line Malibu


 Multi Package Special 

Reserve 3 Sessions Receive 10%

Reserve 5 Sessions Receive 15%

Reserve 10 Sessions Receive 25%

Packages are subject to availability. Advance reservations are necessary and all sessions must be booked before season's end. Less than 36 hour cancelation will result in a loss of the applicable dates or dates reserved.

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