Sunscreen the good bad and ugly

To preface this article, many states and countries have outlawed chemical sunscreens that contain chemicals proven to negatively effect costal environments.

How many times have you been to beach settled in and mellowing with the ambient sounds of the coast. Next thing you know another beach goer is blasting music and setting up equipment like it was their back yard. Then a cloud of chemicals being discharged is now attacking your lungs.

These are the types of pollution that inflict the environment as well as yourself, who is trying to enjoy this environment. However the focus in this blog is the long lasting impact those chemicals in sunscreen have on the coast.

The coronavirus lockdown has proved how the biosphere heals and reverts to balance things again.

The BLM movement has proved human perspective can change.

This is the reason why we must stop polluting the coastlines. Courses of acton is to petition citizens and make government aware on the local levels of the proof of damage to the valuable healthy coast.

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