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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Why is that the two American political parties (DNC & GOP) are like two sports teams that we don’t care for yet the same game of lobbying, campaign contribution and plain bribery and manipulation.

We have the right to choose for ourselves that a true Democracy can exist. We are supposed to be the government too. This has changed to a strange and strained relationship between citizen and state.

A trend that was started a few weeks ago where trump used words that was partially interpreted by some people to protest the closures and quarantine orders by governors. The common thread or pattern that has emerged is 'trumpers'. What relevance does trump have to do with opening parts of the land or ocean?

Concluding that this could be a staged operation much like the attacks on Facebook in the 2016 election cycle in the US that was directly linked to Russian interference.This show to be political stunt by the GOP or the trump campaign. I am then reminded of pre nazi-Germany political manipulation.

Can a governor create an retroactive (March - May) moratorium and push back all debt ( government and private) to alleviate the stress of the unequal work to debt ratio during the CoVid 19 pandemic.

As the time evolves with SARS CoVid 19 and professional sports plans to reopen soon, politics as been the number one event. The divide between he US GOP and DNC has never been so at odds. Facts are not respected and lies permeate our daily lives. How as this been allowed to happen?

Its seems as of now with more lies and accusations towards the former administration to the attack on due process voting, our government is threatened more than ever while we stand by and watch the wreck unfold...

then... what do we do about it?

As protests and riots continue trump (who is in our bunker) refuses take responsibility. Instead he continues the rhetoric of dividing words and is loosing his favorability across the globe. There are 5 months till the US election.

"When peaceful protesters are dispersed by the order of the president from the doorstep of the people's house, the White House — using tear gas and flash grenades — in order to stage a photo op at a noble church, we can be forgiven for believing that the president is more interested in power than in principle," Biden said.


On the other, there is Biden making better attempts to unify and discuss the need of leadership while maintaining coronavirus precautions.

This is the monster we the people are responsible for,


This story among others are shocking the world and citizens of the US. We the people condemn the president's abuse of power by utilizing law enforcement and military to directly violate the first amendment of us citizens.

The current administration has now attacked everything including the kitchen sink. Tweets from the person who's role it is to unite citizens has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of leadership by neglecting the responsibility of the president to the citizens of the US.

By refusing to look at how the names in history are directly responsible to the death and suffering, the administration is then directly up holding the idealism of their action so many years ago. This sets the example of "its ok to do that" when it is abundantly clear the majority of US citizens do not tolerate racism in any form. This is inspiring professional sports to denounce racism and prove this by changing old habits.

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