SARS CoVid 2

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Sars CoVid 2 in 2020

The coronavirus has changed the pattern of human civilization. We paused most of the common activities we as humans enjoy day to everyday and night. What we are now realizing ii that our human civilization is greatly impacting the modern nature flow. Most of the impact is from a belief called and economy that is the idea set that anything can and will be sacrificed for profit for the few and following to support this.

Questions that come to mind are,

Why don't you see the connection of how this planet existed eons before humans existed?

Who hurt you much that you see nature itself as the enemy that you must destroy?

Now humans are playing the role creator and destructor not realizing the greater physics at hand.

4/29/2020 CoVid 19 lasts in the body for a total 2 months?

He was symptom-free. But the coronavirus stayed in his body for 40 days was symptom-free. But the coronavirus stayed in his body for 40 days. - LA Times

Globally, we are just now starting to get a fuzzy picture of who, what, where, why and how this is impacting our civilization and planet.

Bottom line seems to be that this came from the wet markets of Wuhan, China. they saw an unusual symptoms occurred didi not contain nor alert other world agencies.

WHO was not allowed to enter nor share knowledge with Chinese government officials

Trade and consumption of wild animals was still allowed.

Travel out of the epicenter was not restricted in time.

Can a governor create an retroactive (March - May) moratorium and push back all debt ( government and private) to alleviate the stress of the unequal work to debt ratio during the CoVid 19 pandemic.

As the US and other countries open their business and other social gatherings, we see a direct link to coronavirus cases increasing.

As of late May 2020, we are moving towards normalcy in our available economy but what what price?

Many articles that are published in the past week say that the number of infections have risen. the total as this week Wednesday May 27, 2020 the case number of infections are over 100,000 in the US.

Few countries have been successful in their managing the spread however those who are successful are suffering less economic loss and better cooperation from citizen to government. Their style must be emulated by other countries to have both healthy citizens and economy.

To this day, we do not know the full power of this virus because he story is being written. The variables change by the moment leaving a trail data that challenges the very best to interpret accurately. However precautions must be in place for citizens and business to respect in order to gain a new normalcy.

As public spaces reopen, the number of infections are rising and still those who put business before people loose.

The bottom line is we do not have enough information as of yet due to ever-changing patters in which governments and people behave. This'll take years to get an solid scientific understanding of Sars Covid 19.

As a direct result of the protests and riots, contamination and spread has increased adding more to the puzzle and threatening more people to die. Is this the justice they deserve?

Now the attention is going to Brazil and its failed response like the USA leaders response. Both leaders covet business opportunity before citizen health. Protests are emerging and the virus will continue to spread further complicating the situation.

Now due to the upheaval, voter safety is now an issue.

As demonstrations continue across the globe and governments allowing a reopening of commerce, we see the numbers start to rise again. In the US 13 states have increases to concern public health officials as a next wave.

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