Updated: Jun 19, 2020

What if?

Biden does not have enough to beat trump and a second term continues.

I then see the US break up. The West ( Califorrnia Oregon and Washington). The States of the Northeast ( Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York. The remaining states will be the delusion of "murrica". The border states will be too close to determine. The dominant cultures will decide which way to secede.

Now due to the pandemic small rural towns across the mid North American continent are pushing visitors out, therefore the local economy will loose that external influx.This will create a further disconnect and economic despair. We will see desperate militant action, further pushing rational thriving economic centers against failed inner economies.

Out of the two probable choices for president seems to conclude to these two outcomes.

vote Biden for a less divided america

vote Trump for a more divided america

As the riots quell and peaceful protesting continue to show the world that equality will be enforced, more and more people are supporting the change and mostly get why. I now know why I can't make accurate predictions. The amount of people standing up against what has been tolerated for generations is more than I thought. This goes to the numbers that are actively fed up adding to the collective sum.

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