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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

We see different ways of how countries handle healthcare for its citizens like the virus. Only the numbers will show the truth. However I'm under a jurisdiction the has shut my business down completely... I don't know when or how this will resolve.. I do know I must keep up on everything I have started in my business.

However as a human and citizen of the is land, I choose to listen what government is asking me to do and why as logically as I can...

I research for myself... I scrutinize all subjects to see where the common thread is...

How can an economy thrive without understanding that directly impacts who will live and die. Those people are your family and friends. My question to you is...

Are you willing to give your own life or are you willing to sacrifice your family and friends?

Our lockdown / quarantine in California began on March 19th and now life is returning in a most unforeseen way. New opportunities are abundant however how many will last?

Meanwhile we wait... so then why does business wait too? Some cylinders are not firing anymore causing the engine to fail... Why doesn't the same jurisdiction suspend some commerce that is directly impacting everyone.... just by not freezing caused unforeseen consequences that are still playing out...

Can a governor create an retroactive (March - May) moratorium and push back all debt ( government and private) to alleviate the stress of the unequal work to debt ratio during the CoVid 19 pandemic.

As of late May 2020, we are moving towards normalcy in our available economy but what what price?

Many articles that are published in the past week say that the number of infections have risen. the total as this week Wednesday May 27, 2020 the case number of infections are over 100,000 in the US.

Few countries have been successful in their managing the spread however those who are successful are suffering less economic loss and better cooperation from citizen to government. Their style must be emulated by other countries to have both healthy citizens and economy.

Currently more minorities are being found to die while in police custody during arrests. Nationally we are seeing riots some peaceful some looting in different areas. The US is tearing apart.

What this means to my business here in Malibu. Domestically we shall see but internationally, ecotourism and safety are a concern. Most of my business comes from people afar excited to see Malibu part of my home here in California. I want people to have the best organic experience they can. However, the insanity looting and rioting must stop. It only hurts a dived situation as it is. The reality has always been he ability to choose your own path.

Now that the riots have quelled and peaceful protest is being achieved globally, we hopefully have a chance to change what we as a civilization truly values. Remember there is still the challenge of how to manage the coronavirus as the northern hemisphere is entering summer solstice. How do we create trust in our tourism to ensure our visitors are safe.

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