Alolkai's Courses are for beginners to athletes for the specific goal of mastering the ocean waves. Offered as 8- 10- or 12 week courses commit you to once a week training:


  • ( Warm Up ) sand walking, jogging and running are effective warmup exercises.

  • ( Specific Target Stretches ) open up your core and limber neck, arm and legs.

  • ( Basics ) teaches you the foundation of understanding the ocean waves, entering and exiting safely. Learn and identify rip currents, swell direction, wave height and the behavior of the ocean. 


  • ( Wave Training ) into and through the wave while sustaining breathing and a calm mental approach​​

  • ( Tide Swimming ) swim towards and parallel to the wave breaks working on timed breathing and stamina.  


  • ( Hand & Body Surfing ) coaches you how to "hunt" and ride waves with your body and escape to shore using the waves.

This program has been developed by utilizing first responder foundations of safety and training. As we enter the ocean, your focus will be on me. I am the guide that will help you unlock your potential and evolve from fear to fun. We proceed at your pace and you will learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable... This along with positive reinforcement will help create a new way of looking at life itself.

This is your opportunity to commit to 8 -10 or 12 consecutive weeks of personal coaching and development in the ocean. Conquer your fears, get in shape and feel amazing!


Sessions held at Zuma Beach


2 hours x 8

price $ 1600

8 week

10 week


2 hours x 10

price $ 2000

12 week


2 hours x 12

price $ 2400

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